Dalek Gun Stick
Dalek Gun Stick
Rarity White
Tooltip A Dalek's method of destruction.
Sells for: 1 Silver Coin

Dropped byEdit

NPCs Amount and chance
Bronze Dalek Bronze Dalek1 (20%)
Drone Dalek Drone Dalek1 (5%)
Eternal Dalek Eternal Dalek1 (20%)
Gold Dalek Gold Dalek1 (5%)
Grey Dalek Grey Dalek1 (5%)
Imperial Dalek Imperial Dalek1 (20%)
Renegade Dalek Renegade Dalek1 (15%)
Scientist Dalek Scientist Dalek1 (20%)
Silver Dalek Silver Dalek1 (5%)
Skaro Dalek Skaro Dalek1 (5%)
Special Weapons Dalek Special Weapons Dalek1 (15%)
Strategist Dalek Strategist Dalek1 (20%)
Supreme Council Dalek Supreme Council Dalek1 (5%)
Supreme Dalek Supreme Dalek1 (20%)
Supreme Renegade Dalek Supreme Renegade Dalek1 (15%)
Warrior Dalek Warrior Dalek1 (15%)

Used inEdit

Result Ingredients
Dalek Chestplate Dalek Chestplate Dalekanium Bar Dalekanium Bar (26)

Dalek Gun Stick Dalek Gun Stick (1)

Dalek Hemisphere Dalek Hemisphere (10)

Wire Wire (5)

Huon Particles Huon Particles (15)

Dalek Gun Dalek Gun Dalek Gun Stick Dalek Gun Stick (1)

Dalekanium Bar Dalekanium Bar (5)

Wire Wire (5)

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