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The official wiki for SonicR's Doctor Who mod, a modification of Terraria. The mod is completely Doctor Who based, featuring The Doctor, Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, and the TARDIS!


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Currently on version: 1.07.2
NPCs 58
Items 89
Tiles 0
Walls 1
Buffs 5
Armor sets 3


Terraria Online thread here.

Download link to Version 1.07.1 here!


All Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures content appearing in this wiki/mod are copyrighted of their respective owners. This mod was created only for the enjoyment of members of the Terrarian community. No copyright infringement intended.

Doctor Who, TARDIS, the Master and the Doctor © the BBC

Daleks © Terry Nation, 1963

Cybermen © Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, 1966

Autons © Robert Holmes, 1970

Zygons © Robert Banks Stewart, 1975

Weeping Angels © Steven Moffat, 2007

Toclafane © Russell T Davies, 2007

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