The First Doctor
The First Doctor



Spawn Conditions

When the TARDIS Key is used

The First Doctor is the initial incarnation of the friendly NPC called The Doctor. He can be summoned by using the TARDIS Key. When killed, he will regenerate into the Second Doctor.


Item Price
Cosmic Watch 1 Gold
Vortex Manipulator 5 Gold
Temporal Obfuscator 3 Gold
Astrakhan 1 Gold
One's Shirt 1 Gold
One's Pants 1 Gold
Untempered Schism (Hardmode only) 10 Platinum


1. "Tell me, [player's name], have you ever thought what it's like to be a wanderer in the Fourth Dimension? Have you?"

2. "As we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves."

3. "The least important things sometimes lead to great discoveries."

4. "I am a citizen of the universe, and a gentleman to boot!"

5. "You can't rewrite history, not one line!"

6. "My writing gets worse and worse. Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear." 7. "Did you know that the Trojan Horse was my idea?" (Bloodmoon only)

8. "Corrupted rabbits? You should have seen the Zarbi." (Bloodmoon only)}}




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